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First, I do know Ron Paul is running as a Republican this year.  However, he's always been a Libertarian as far as I'm concerned, and a look at his campaign platform seems to showcase many traditional Libertarian viewpoints.  Whether we need more than two parties in the United States is an issue outside the scope of my proposed essay, but I can certainly understand why he's running as a Republican.  Traditionally, we have a "winner take all" system between two political parties. Attempts at getting other parties on the ballots have traditionally been very difficult, and poorly represented by the media.

To reply to his pro-life stance and intent to repeal Roe v. Wade, I myself am pro-abortion and pro-death penalty (just call me “pro-death, at least I’m consistent).  I think we have plenty of people on the planet already, and if God really wants our population to boom even more, He will send us a sign.  (Possibly an asteroid strike on the White House.)  Also, if fetuses have souls, won’t they just go back to heaven and come back again later? 

More seriously, yes, I am pro-abortion rights.  I think it's the woman's right to choose.  Does she lose the right at some point close to term?  I'm going to stay away from that for now, as I don't see how men get much of an opinion on this matter.

Now, I can’t tell what Mr. Paul feels about the death penalty.  I favor expanding it to more acts of heinous nature (for instance, I think child rape should get an automatic speedy death sentence, if proved).  On the other hand, Mr. Paul would legalize most drugs.  I say penalties for certain drug crimes should be still present, but often greatly reduced.  I’m not into legalizing methamphetamine because I think the potential damage to society is too great.  However, I don’t see the point in locking (say) pot users up for years and years.  Treating them under the appropriate standard of “were they driving under a chemical influence?”, “Were they drunk and disorderly?” etc, seems sufficient.

He wants to repeal ObamaCare and leave it mostly up to the states.  To me, we need some version of better universal health care that passes constitutional muster, even if it’s just more regulation of the insurance and medical providers.  We need a minimum safety net for those without one, so we don’t just abandon our poor (among others).  I’m also in favor of the FDA regulating dietary supplements and alternative treatments.  Mr. Paul would give those a free pass.  Remember, arsenic is natural, but not good for you.  The FDA has problems (such as the federal preemption issue reducing the ability of state litigation to help people), but I can’t see abolishing the entire department, as he implies.

 Ron Paul wants to get rid of as many controls on business as possible, along with taking an axe to taxes.


I think we need business regulations in general, including more laws regulating American companies who send jobs overseas and then do whatever they want there.  I can’t see abolishing the income or capital gains taxes, much less getting rid of most of our taxes.  Unless we want to go back to small feudal entities, maybe even to the point of the Continental Congress when states reigned supreme, we need national taxes.  I like my public roads, highways, libraries, a national army, and (reluctantly) having an FBI.

What else?  I support “American military interventionism” overseas if A) it is a just war, B) we are invited to help prevent genocide, and/or C) American interests need to be protected.  The Catholic Church defines a “just war” as a war in self-defense or in defense of others against an aggressor.  I am not in favor of our trying to spread our version of democracy everywhere we go as a condition for our help, however (see my previous satirical essay effort on the new American imperialism, which just confuses other countries).

 Re: the economy and Mr. Paul's desire to turn the clock back to the gold standard.  I am not enthused about returning to the gold standard.  I'm willing to listen about it, but I think that ship has sailed onto the digital age, which relies on numbers and computers, not how much gold is mined. 

Last but not least, I proudly support the Social Security Act and Administration, believe we need the EPA to avoid becoming like polluted Victorian England again, and don’t believe that an unfettered free market will solve our nation’s problems. 

I think I’ll stop here for now while I research the Democrats and the Republican’s current platforms.  Email replies will probably be late this week, due to a short and cramped three days of office work and teaching, and then four days spent on the Florida trip for my brother’s wedding.  I can do pithy replies; long ones will probably require conversation over lunch or a phone call.  (Hey, there’s yet another excuse to go socialize with me...)


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