Sep. 27th, 2011

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Want to hear the scoop on the three worst comics I've read so far, not counting the Rob Liefield "Hawk and Dove" issue, which I know can't possibly be any good?  Then read on.  Warning: this review contains spoilers for "Catwoman 1," "Suicide Squad 1," and "Red Hood and the Outlaws 1," all from DC Comics and part of the New 52 reboot.  However, I consider it my duty to warn you away from these comic-book titles, so you could call this a public service.  Read on if you want to be entertained.  First, can safely say I agree with this review of “Catwoman #1.”

Relevant paragraph:

"Do I believe that Batman and Catwoman would sleep together? Sure, absolutely. But I don't buy them taking that step without knowing their respective identities. And I sure as hell don't believe that they would ever go that far in costume. Prior to the reboot, Bruce and Selina actually knew who each other were and there was at least a basis for a romance. Retconning that away makes their union here even more unlikely. Here, Winick essentially turns them into 'underwear perverts.' Oh my God, Warren Ellis was right!"

Any review that concludes with "Warren Ellis was right" is a scary thing, though the famously snarky Ellis is actually writing a very fun and pulpy six-issues of "The Secret Avengers" from Marvel that so far doesn't take itself too seriously, but is high octane adventure. 

The artwork in "Catwoman" is pretty in places and violent or action-adventure in others when appropriate to the situation. 
So the cheesecake of the lead character does not particularly bother me, but it panders to interested males and will not likely draw in a female audience.  The writing has development issues, though it aspires to begin "in media res."  The trouble with beginning in the middle with action is that at some point you have to establish what the heck is going on.  This never really happens, though we do see that Selena Kyle, Catwoman is a criminal and usually down on her luck, not exactly the sort of woman that Batman should go for.  Did I mention they’re apparently an item, or at least in heat with each other?

As far as the Batman sex goes, I'm no prude -- but it brings to mind the Alan Moore Watchman quote: "Did the costumes make it better?"  I'm not sure hot, on the spot, sex is really in keeping with the character of the Batman I’m familar with.  Maybe he’s changed in the reboot, I don’t know.  (Maybe it'll make him more relaxed and laid back, though. But then he wouldn't be Batman.)  Catwoman I know less about.  If I was a new reader, I think I wouldn't like Selena enough to see what happens next.  This title does have the most potential of the three I review, though.

Read on if you dare... )


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