Aug. 30th, 2011

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I continue with my project of reviewing and analyzing dramas I have seen, particularly on film, with an occasional dalliance into television.  I rarely watch TV for several reasons, such as cost, lack of interest and time, and the general feeling that is a barren wasteland broken only a few rare gems.  However, I did watch, once upon a time, the ABC television show known as “Lost.”  What follows is a revision of my notes from the last evening of the ultimate broadcast.  Forgive me in advance for the lateness of the review.  I hope in future critique posts to catch up to the present (eventually...). 

First, a confession.  I have not actually seen every episode of “Lost.”  I did watch a great many of them with my friend Kristin, but as the May 23, 2010, finale drew closer, I found it very hard to suspend my disbelief anymore in this work of fiction.  I did tune back in for the final episode, first reading up online for the summaries of shows I had missed.  Kris loved the ending.  However, I wanted to throw things at the television, preferably hard enough that they went through the screen and hit the actors.  But no, each actor did the best he or she could with the material given.  I really should be aiming at the writers, who apparently decided long ago that answering the questions raised didn’t matter. What was important was coming up with important-seeming questions and then dodging the answers indefinitely.  This is called “lack of payoff.” 

(If you want to keep your mind pristine and free of how it all ended, you can stop reading now.  Everyone else, carry on.)

Spoilers! I have spoilers! )


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